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    Superior floor polishing in the Illawarra

    Here at Wollongong Floorsanding & Polishing, we have experience working with a wide range of timber floors and surfaces, leaving your floor looking and feeling its best. We will work towards improving the quality and value of your home, as well as creating a great-looking floor that will be loved and admired for years to come.

    We use the highest quality tools and equipment throughout the entire process, ensuring a professional result every time. Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation as a leading provider of floor sanding and polishing services in the Illawarra, with a large proportion of our business consisting of repeat customers or those that were recommended by other satisfied clients.

    Sanding and polishing

    We work quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a perfectly polished floor with the least fuss possible. Our job starts as we prepare the surface, with the owner then undertaking careful sanding and coating processes to ensure a perfect result. With experience in sanding and polishing timber, parquetry, particle board and more, you’ll find the perfect solution for your home or business here at Wollongong Floorsanding & Polishing.

    A range of quality finishes

    We offer a range of different sheens and finishes, ensuring that you get the perfect looking floor each and every time. We can treat your floor with oil-modified urethane for a natural finish or polyurethane for something a little more hard-wearing. With an extensive range of alternative sheen level stains available, our team is committed to finding the ideal flooring solution for your home or business.


    How long does the job take?

    Depending on the size of the job, our sanding and polishing services can take between 2-5 days to complete.

    How do I choose the best type of sealer for my floor?

    We can offer expert advice picking the right floor coating options for you.

    What types of coating finishes are available for timber floors?

    There are many alternative coating finishes available, including polyurethane, oil-based, oil-modified and water-borne sealers.

    When should I put my furniture back?

    We recommend waiting at least 48 hours after the final coat has dried before replacing furniture and soft furnishings. Even once this time has passed, it is important not the drag furniture over the floor.

    Call Wollongong Floorsanding & Polishing today on 0403 087 400 for more details on our services.

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